Griff 10 Month Update

November 21, 2019aleeshathomas

Happy Thursday, friends! Today Griff turns 10 months old and I cannot believe how fast the time is flying by.

Griff’s next doctor appointment is not until he turns a year old, so we aren’t quite sure of exact measurements. We do know he currently weighs around 22 pounds and is wearing 12-18 month clothing. He is getting his new car seat this week which makes him feel like a toddler! Mama is not ready. He does still love to cuddle though, so I’ll take all the love I can get.

We had two more teeth popped through this month on the bottom row. If you’re keeping track, that means he currently has eight teeth. PoorBuddy has been hurting the past couple of weeks but I think we’re starting to get over the hump.

Griff loves to take long bath times, and playing with Rosie. She hands him an old sock, and they play tug-of-war together. It’s the cutest thing! Griff is also getting into the Christmas spirit, much like his mom, and loves looking at Christmas lights and singing Christmas songs. Griff loves to say mama and dada, but we aren’t sure that he knows exactly what that means yet!

He still loves to race around in his walker, and is starting to pull up on objects to stand. He is more of an army crawler, and likes to go from Mom to Dad back to Mom to Dad, ha ha. We are so excited for the holidays this year and can’t wait to spend Griffs first Thanksgiving and Christmas with both sides of our families. We can’t wait to make memories and traditions with him.

Thanks for reading Griff’s 10 month update! This has been so fun to do over the past year to track his growth and see how far he’s come.

Always, Aleesha


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