Friday Favorites 09.20.19

Happy Friday! I’ve been looking forward to saying that all week. 😂 Let’s start with a roundup of this week’s posts and then we’ll get into a few favorites at the end.

Monday I shared a home tour with you. I am really passionate about decorating and home decor. I’ve never really filmed a video before for the blog, so this was fun to do.

Here’s a few snapshots of our home as well. If you’re curious where any of the items are from, just leave a comment at the bottom of this post!

Tuesday was Johnny’s 30th Birthday! We had so much fun celebrating him.

Wednesday, I shared my favorite fall staple in my closet: my jean jacket. I’ve been obsessed with this one from Old Navy, and especially love it paired with my new snakeskin booties. I just became a partner with JustFab, and I really love their selection of boots and booties for fall and winter. Find the links to everything pictured below here.

Thursday, Griff and I went into H&M to do a little fall haul of my favorite picks. Guys, I looooove dressing for fall and H&M is where it’s at right now for great sweaters and dresses at affordable prices. I’ve included links to everything here!

Friday Favorites:

Okay here’s some stuff this week that I’ve been loving or really excited about

1. Cozy White Cottage – Liz Marie Galvan

Besides the queen of home styling, Joanna Gaines, another favorite of mine is Liz Marie Galvan. I’ve been following her on social media for awhile now and honestly feel like her corner of the internet is one of the most life-giving spaces. She specializes in vintage home decor and styling, and she also has a little boy that’s about two weeks age difference from Griff. She shared her story of infertility and her faith and she just really speaks to me. My mom and I visited her shop in Grandville, MI when I was home last and I was very similar to a kid walking through Disney world 😂.

ANYWAYS. Liz wrote a book! And it’s available to order on Amazon here. It’s all about home styling and how to make a space feel it’s coziest. I’ve had mine on pre-order for a while and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

2. Snakeskin booties

I really am obsessed with the booties I was gifted from JustFab. They go with more than you think, and are soooo cute for fall. I especially like the pointed toe on mine. They can be on the more expensive side for some people, so here are three other affordable options! Just click on each photo to take you to the link 💛

Leave a message below if you need links to anything or have questions! Have a great weekend!

Always, Aleesha

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