Griff 7 Month Update

Happy Wednesday!

Griff is 7 months today and I can hardly believe it. Time has honestly flown by way too fast. I really believe God gave us the best and most beautiful little boy, and we couldn’t be more grateful for him.

Last we talked, Griff was nearing 19 pounds. He still tops the charts in length and head circumference compared to other babies his age. He is sitting up on his own with little support. He is starting to roll his way to his destination, which is funny and scary all at the same time. He loves to roll on his belly, lift his head and start the very first movements of crawling. He gets annoyed when he isn’t moving fast enough, so he usually just cries, haha. Griff also loves to look at himself in the mirror, haha. Anytime he gets fussy, I take him in front of a mirror and he instantly lights up!

My mom gave him a play cell phone that lights up and that’s been one of his favorite toys lately. He loves to go swimming. It’s funny how he has grown to like it more and more. He does this new thing where he grins really big and shows his teeth. It’s my very favorite smile!

Rosie, our golden retriever, might be his favorite family member at the moment. 😂 He thinks she is hilarious, loves to throw the ball with her, and we catch them cuddling together often. She is so gentle around him and he loves to pet her ears. It’s by far the cutest sight you will ever see. I love that they will be able to grow up together.

Last month was when we noticed he grew his two bottom teeth. They make him look so grown up! I think he may be cutting his top teeth soon.

We are trying our hardest to introduce new foods as he is interested. He likes when I smash bananas on his high chair, but hasn’t really been a big fan of baby food. I found some teething crackers that he likes to munch on, so that has been helpful. We are excited to try a new baby food service brand coming in the next few weeks (be on the lookout for a new post!).

I was in a wedding this past weekend and he spent his first weekend away staying with my parents. I missed him a lot, but it was honestly nice to get some much needed sleep at night. 😂 He did so well too! I love that my parents were able to spend some extended time together.

This has been such a fun month! Every month gets a little more sweeter. I love this boy so much, and life has been anything but dull. See you in the next update post!

Always, Aleesha

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