Michigan Vacation Recap

Happy Wednesday!

Today I thought I would share a recap of our recent trip to Michigan. We had so much fun spending time with family, and getting to take a trip up to northern Michigan.

I spent my summers during college working at a summer up in Lake City, Michigan. So, northern Michigan will always have a special soft spot in my heart. Today I want to share with you some of my favorite spots and a little recap of our trip.

Mio, Michigan

Our trips up north always begin in Mio. We have a cabin in this very small, very quaint town. The cabin sits right on the Ausable River, and we love to tube and kayak during the summers. We always stay in Mio because it is a great spot right in between our home in Swartz Creek and Traverse City, Mackinaw City, and so much more. This is a great place to plan a weekend away with friends.

Traverse City

Traverse City will always be one of my favorite places to visit in Michigan. There is so much to do and you are so close to Lake Michigan. Traverse Bay has a great public beach that we love to swim and sun bathe at. They have a great spot for food trucks and drinks at a place called The Little Fleet. It’s just down the street from the downtown shopping area. We found the coolest spot to take the photo above, it’s on the side of Kilwin’s the fudge shop downtown. The drive and views are especially beautiful through this part of Michigan weaving in and out of the vineyards. You’re not too far from Sleeping Bear dunes either, which is another favorite of mine.

Mackinaw City / Mackinac Island

Another favorite of mine is Mackinaw City. We vacationed here a lot as a child, and when I think of a Michigan summer, this is what comes to mind. The water is amazing and always clean. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to go over the bridge and into the upper peninsula. Going over to the island is so much fun as well. No cars are allowed so it feels like a special treat to get to walk around the entire island. It’s gorgeous!

Sleeping Bear Dunes

Lake Michigan is one of the most beautiful views I can think of. I love that it literally looks like an ocean! If you go during the late summer, the water isn’t even cold. It is the perfect temperature and fun to hang out and swim in the deep waters. No sharks! This specific dune is a great shot for a photo, but the climb back up is horrendous so don’t try to go down if you’re not up for the tiring trip back up.

Fishtown / Leland

Leland is a sweet little town that is tucked right up against Lake Michigan. We would always come here on our days off while working at the summer camp. There’s great ice cream, huge boats to look at, and a little boutique I love to shop at called Haystacks (they have the BEST headbands and accessories!).

Can’t wait for our next trip coming up soon! Thanks for reading!

Always, Aleesha

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