Griff 6 Month Update

Happy Monday!

Excited to share Griff’s 6 Month Update on the blog with you today. We have been in Michigan for the past week spending time with family, so I was excited to be able to celebrate Griff’s half birthday with my side of the family, and spend time in northern Michigan together. The weather has been amazing!

Along with sharing Griff’s update, I also wanted to share a sneak peek of the family photos we took with the incredible Margaret Koning. We spent the evening together in Boulder in the middle of a wildflower field with a wicked thunderstorm rolling in. Pretty dreamy! Check out her insta page here too!

This past month has felt like the biggest month of “firsts”. He doesn’t go in for his 6 month checkup until we get back home, so I’m not 100% sure on his exact measurements. I do know he is growing and getting long like his daddy.

We went down to Texas with Johnny’s family for the 4th of July. I wasn’t sure how he would do with the fireworks, but he didn’t seem to mind it! He liked watching the colors in the sky, but was definitely restless for bedtime. Such a fun time together!

Griff is starting to sit up on his own now. It’s been really fun for playtime, it feels like we can play with more toys now besides teethers. Speaking of teethers, we found Griff’s first tooth just a couple days ago! His second one is just now cutting as well. He honestly hasn’t been too fussy about it, so I feel like we barely noticed!

He also slept through the night for the first time since being in Michigan. It almost felt like a dream 😂. We haven’t had a sleep through the night since, but I’m thinking that means we are closer to that point!

We also had my Mom give Griff his first haircut. He honestly had a mullet growing down the back of his neck, haha! We trimmed the sides and kept the top long. It made him look a lot more grown up. I seriously can’t believe how big he looks.

Griff is starting to become more interested in different foods. He had a streak for a while where he didn’t care much for any sort of baby food. His favorite right now are bananas and apples. We plan on introducing a sippy cup soon to see how he does with that! I’m excited to get him into his new high chair and graduated to a bigger car seat as well.

If anyone has a good recommendation for a big kid stroller, send it our way! It’s funny, but we are already thinking about the next baby and what needs can fit both of them, so we may possibly need a stroller that could fit two (?!?!). So weird to think about, but definitely something to plan ahead for!

The next few months have a lot in store. I’m so excited to spend the holidays with Griff here soon. Can’t wait to tell you all about it! 🙂

Always, Aleesha

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