Whatโ€™s in My Diaper Bag?

Happy Wednesday!

We are back in Michigan this week, and I am so excited because there is nothing but sunshine and a pool calling my name. ๐Ÿ’›

I find it so interesting to hear what people keep in their purses or bags. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Sometimes I think, “wow so random” and other times I’m like, “why don’t I have that in mine?!” ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป I got lost in a rabbit hole of YouTube videos the other day doing this, haha.

So, in case you were ever wondering (or you’re just bored ๐Ÿ˜œ) here’s what’s in mine!

The Bag

First off, I actually carry two different bags but they’re just in different colors (have to match with the outfits, people ๐Ÿ˜‚) I carry a Fawn lookalike bag that’s half the cost, and faux leather. It’s from a brand called Alice Unique and I have it both in cognac and black.


-Duh. ๐Ÿ˜‚ We are thankful that we only had to buy our first box of diapers out of our own wallet a week ago, thanks to our baby showers from family and friends. After trying what seems like every single diaper brand, were stuck on Pampers. Griff is currently in size 2’s and I usually always have 4-5 on hand.

Diaper Wipes/Holder

– I really don’t have a favorite diaper brand. I guess I just buy Pampers brand so I can get the Pampers Rewards points (check into this if you haven’t yet). I just buy refills to fit into my diaper wipe holder. It’s cognac/black/white and matches both of my diaper bags. I like it because it zips around the refill and it’s cute. It also has a diaper holder on the back of it so you can always have them side by side if necessary.

Keys, Phone (w/ charger), Fossil Wallet

I just upgraded to a new, smaller wallet after the one I had for 5 years started falling apart. I find that having a smaller wallet means I’m less likely to shove receipts in it that I definitely don’t need. It’s enough to fit my ID, important cards, some cash and a small change pouch. You can find my wallet here.

I also keep a phone charger in my bag, just because you never know.

Teether Toys

Griff is slowly but surely starting to munch on everything. Every time I’m at TJ Maxx, I pick up a couple small toys for Griff to keep him occupied. They’re so cheap! Especially if we’re traveling, I always keep 3-4 in our bag and one in his car seat so he always has something in his hands.

Makeup Wipes

I have an unhealthy addiction to makeup wipes. I buy them in bulk from Sam’s Club and keep them on hand to refresh throughout the day.

gloSkin Beauty Toner

I LOVE this toner, I get red and splotchy sometimes and this helps to tone my skin down. I put it on before I put my makeup on too just to start with a clean and fresh base. I spritz it on just whenever I think about it. I bought smaller spray bottles and put the product in that so I’m not bringing the big bottle everywhere.

Extra Griff Outfit/Bib in a Ziploc Bag

We are no stranger to a surprise blow-out or spit-up. This is usually just a short sleeve/short onesie that’s easy to come on and off in a pinch. We also have about a million bibs, because Griff could go through about 5/day. I always keep one in the bag just in case. I put it all in an extra ziploc or grocery bag so yucky clothes aren’t touching everything else.

Baby Sunscreen and Mosquito Spray

My favorite brand is baby organics. With Colorado weather, you never know so I always keep both on hand. The mosquito spray is amazing because it’s all essential oils and smells amazing.

That’s all! Would love to hear what you keep in your bag!

Always, Aleesha

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