Friday Favorites 07.12.19

Happy Friday!

I’m starting back up with my Friday Roundup posts. In case you forgot (since it’s been a minute and I know I have, haha), here I post my Instagram photos throughout the week with some highlights, plus a few (usually three) of my favorite items that I’ve purchased in the past month.

Warby Parker Glasses

Wednesday I shared a throwback photo of Rosie when she was just a few weeks old. I wish she was still that little! I also shared my glasses from Warby Parker. I love this style and there are a few more that I’d like to get eventually. Links to everything are included below the photo.

Anthro Bedding

Thursday, I let you all know that my bedding from Anthropologie is currently 25% off. They have 4 different colors of this quilt, and even offer a smaller option for baby (how CUTE would that be in a little girl’s room?). It’s not just my bedding that’s on sale. All bedding, rugs and curtains (plus more) are currently on sale. Take a look here!

Here are a couple of my favorite purchases this week:

Cheetah Dress

I just got this cheetah print dress in from Amazon and I’m so excited to pair it with a jean jacket and bring it into fall weather. Definitely expect to see it on the blog next week.

Baby Wipe Dispenser

I have both a brown and black leather diaper bag to carry Griff’s items in. I found this baby wipe holder that matches both of them perfectly. All you have to do is buy your favorite refills! This isn’t as bulky and you don’t have to have the big plastic box to put in your bag now. Comes in black and blush as well.

Reusable Straws

In Colorado, you now have to ask for a straw if you want one while dining out (kinda annoying but it’s for the turtles, haha) . I purchased this pack of six silicone straws. Comes with a drawstring bag and straw cleaners too. I can just throw this in our diaper bag and not have to worry about it.

That’s the wrap up for this week! See you back here next week. ❤

Always, Aleesha




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