Griff 5 Month Update

Happy Friday! I am so happy that the weekend is finally here. Didn’t this feel like a long week? We are excited because today Griff turns five months old! The time has gone by so fast and I can’t believe he is already so big!

We are currently in between appointments so I’m not 100% sure on his weight but I do know he’s around the 16 pound range this month. He’s getting so long though, so we are sure he’s going to be just as tall as his Dad. This month has felt like he has grown in many more ways than just his size. Griff is starting to roll from his back to belly to back again. He loves playing with his toys way more than he ever has before. I like to lay his toys all around him and have him grab and look at all of them at the same time. That’s his favorite, except when Rosie wants to play too, haha. Griff is starting to want to sit up on his own, but still tumbles forward. I believe he’ll be able to sit up on his very own so soon. He loves sitting in his Bumbo seat which helps him look around. Griff definitely likes to stay involved in what’s happening he does not like to sleep if there’s excitement going on around him or if he thinks he might be missing out on something.

His hair is still getting long and I don’t have the heart to ever cut it haha. I feel like it’s what makes him unique and it’s pretty special to me. A lot of people think he may be a redhead but his new growth is very very blonde. I think he’s going to be a blondie just like his mom and dad.

This month, we took an extended trip to Michigan to visit family and we were able to spend more time with my parents. My mom really wanted to have a stone made where we would put his imprint of his foot for her garden, but Griff did not like that idea haha. Every time we would put his foot in the plaster, he immediately curled up his toes because he did not like how it felt. It was super cute but he did not think it was cute at all.

As far as clothing, I feel like Griff really doesn’t follow the size chart at all. He’s fitting in the clothes that are up to one year but some of his three-month clothes still fit so it’s kind of weird. But it has been sad to put away some of his other clothes. I found a newborn diaper of his when I was cleaning out his closet and I almost immediately broke out into tears. I can’t believe he used to have a booty so small! I completely understand why moms get baby fever once their babies hit this stage of life, I miss him being tiny. But, it’s so fun to see him grow and try new things. Speaking of new things, Griff has been eating rice cereal mixed with banana. He at first was not crazy about the bananas, but we gave it another shot and now he really likes it. He also likes to get it all over his clothes and face. He still loves bath time, and is starting to play with some of his bath toys while he takes a bath, it’s so sweet sweet to watch him kick in the water.

Thanks for stopping by to read Griff’s update! We’ll be back next month. ❤️

Always, Aleesha

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