My Favorite Wedding Articles

Hi, friends!

Some of you know that I am a contributing writer to Martha Stewart Weddings. It is one of my favorite “side-hustles” and I love taking time out of my day to crank out articles about something I’m really passionate about, weddings!


I planned my own wedding, and while some people dreaded planning out the details, I really really loved it. I wanted to share a few of my favorite articles that I’ve written for my followers who are planning (or may be starting to plan!). This is also a shameless plug to share some of our wedding photos, because I’m still obsessed with how everything turned out.

1. Seven Things You Should do Seven Days Ahead of Your Wedding

It’s hard to remember everything! Here’s a an article with some helpful reminders. 🙂

2. Three Questions Brides Forget to Ask their Bridal Stylist, But Should

During my time as a bridal stylist, I was always surprised with how little some people know about wedding dress shopping. Definitely read this before heading out to your next appointment!


3. Should Your Bridesmaids’ Gowns be as Formal as Your Wedding Dress?

This is SUCH a great question, especially if you’re deciding on mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

4. A Thank-You Note Cheat Sheet That Will Make Expressing Your Gratitude So Much Easier

You’re welcome. Trust me.


5. What to Include in Your Wedding Planning Binder

Honestly, it’s the best way to stay organized, and keep your sanity.

6. How to Minimize Costs for Your Bridesmaids

They will be so thankful for your thoughtfulness, I promise.

7. How to Register for Wedding Gifts and Still Get Along with Your Spouse

It’s actually doable!

Hope these are helpful! Send me a message or a DM if you have any other wedding related questions! ❤

Always, Aleesha



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