The Best Baby Shower Gift, from a Mom

April 8, 2019aleeshathomas

Happy Monday, everyone!

Yesterday I attended a baby shower at the Brown Palace in Downtown Denver. We had tea time (which you all know that coffee has my heart) played games (ya girl won) and opened gifts. I kind of have a “staple” gift that I like to give all of our friends and family members who are expecting little ones, and I thought it’d be fun to share with you!

Everything in my gift is “baby Griff approved”, as I say. Now that I’m in the thick of having an almost 3 month old, I learned that I really valued all the gifts and support we received during our baby showers. Cribs, strollers and car seats are absolutely necessary, but there’s the stuff that I’ve included in my basket that I believe are much needed for everyday life with a newborn. Here we go!

1. Basket

Put all of your gift items in some sort of wicker or rope basket. This way you’re gifting your packaging as well. Mama can use it to store diapers, toys or anything else their heart desires.

2. Organic diapers and wipes

Every mom is picky about their diapers. Some work great for babies while others don’t. I always put in a package of Honest diapers and wipes in my gift. Personally, we haven’t even had to buy a package of diapers for Griff yet because of what we received from our showers. It’s such a gift to have a stockpile of diapers and wipes that you don’t have to think about. I love Pampers diapers and Honest wipes for Griffy, but I alway gift the same brand. Honest diapers are honestly just so cute. Their wipes also have like, ridges in them that makes, in my opinion, clean up so much easier. You can’t go wrong with buying organic either. If you’re not buying organic, at least purchase for sensitive skin, because you never know and mom can always use it no matter what.

3. Dreft Laundry Detergent

It’s clean and clear laundry detergent just for baby. Nothing harsh for baby’s skin when you’re putting all their new clothes on them. Plus it smells amazing if you love the smell of babies. ❤️ They even make special packaging that says “ITS A BOY/GIRL” as well.

4. Organic Onesies

Again, always buying organic when possible for baby. I buy two different sizes, usually newborn and 0-3. Onesies (should) always be underneath their clothes, so this is something Mom will literally use every day.

5. 2 Books

I usually put two of our favorite books in the gift. We love Baby Beluga and Wherever You Go My Love Will Find You (bring tissues before reading because, 😭).

6. Something Special for Mom

I always throw in a face mask and a big bar of chocolate for mom, haha. Baby gets all of the love, but mom needs some attention too.

That’s my “necessities”‘gift! I love it because Mama will literally use everything in the gift and not have to make returns (which are the worst). Hope you can enjoy and use for your next shower!

Always, Aleesha


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