Announcement: We’re Pregnant!

Surprise!! We are pregnant! We’re adding another teammate to Team Thomas. This has seriously been one of the hardest kept secrets, ever. Our due date is January 16th, and we can’t wait to welcome Baby Thomas into the world!

Dress: Target

So, I’m 9 weeks along as of today. Baby T is about the size of a grape and is starting to look more like a human instead of a tadpole. All essential body parts are formed and all organs, muscles, and nerves are kicking into gear. We had our first ultrasound last week and heard the heartbeat for the very first time. Coolest and craziest moment I’ve ever experienced!

Weeks 6 and 7 were pretty tough on me. I had a lot of nausea and my appetite was all over the place. I was eating meals almost every 2 hours because I was so hungry. Once I hit week 8, my stomach felt more normal and I’ve been back to eating 3 meals a day and little snacks in between. The nausea hasn’t totally gone away yet, but I hear it gets better once I hit the second trimester.

Johnny and I told both of our families on Mother’s Day about the baby, because we felt like that was the best gift you could tell your mom…”you’re a grandma!”. We’ve been slowly telling other family and close friends since then.

We are so excited to become parents! We are also really excited to find out the gender of Baby T, I have a tiny feeling of what it might be. We are taking long walks every day, and I’m so grateful we live by a 7-11 because cherry slurpees have been all I have craved lately. The one thing I am sad about this pregnancy is that my one food aversions has been coffee! I can’t stand to smell it or be around it, and just a couple months ago, it was my lifeline.

I know I have been a little MIA on the blog lately, but hopefully this big news tells you why I’ve been distant. I honestly haven’t been feeling the best, and I’m extremely tired all the time. Now that the news is out, I feel like I will have more energy to write more posts. Please keep the Thomas fam and baby in your prayers!

Thanks for following along! Check back here for more pregnancy updates!

Also, thank you to Emily Mathewson Photography for the amazing pictures! I can’t wait to put these photos all around our house.

Always, Aleesha

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