My Summer Bucket List for 2018

Hey friends! Today I want to share with you my bucket list for the summer. There are a ton of things I want to do and see, and I hope this can inspire your own list of adventures as well.

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

Johnny and I drove to RMNP right after we got back from our honeymoon for a quick day trip. We loved it! We saw a whole heard of elk, and hiked to Bear Lake. I wish we had more time to drive through the entire forest. This is one of, in my opinion, the most beautiful places in Colorado.

2. Birmingham, Alabama

Johnny is going to be a groomsman in a wedding this summer in Birmingham! While I’ve driven through the state before, I’ve never spent much time there. Send me any recommendations you have!

3. Baseball Game at Coors Field

We’ve already gone to a few games this year already, but I can’t wait to go to a baseball game during the summer when it’s warm out! Now that we live about 10 minutes away from the field, we are going to be able to go as often as we want. So excited!

4. Trying Different Restaurants in Denver

When Johnny and I moved to Denver, we made a pact that we would try a new restaurant every week. We’re doing pretty good so far, and have tried so many places that were both really yummy and some just meh. If you have any recommendations of places you love, please send them my way.

5. San Diego, California

My absolute favorite trip that I’ve ever been in was a long weekend to San Diego. Johnny planned a surprise trip last year for my birthday and we had THE best time. We ate an ungodly amount of In-n-out, saw the sea lions in La Jolla, and visited all of the beaches down the coast. We talk about it so much that we want to do the whole trip over again. Fingers crossed that we can plan the trip for this summer!

6. Concert at Red Rocks

The Avett Brothers are coming to Red Rocks, as they do every summer, and it’s one of Johnny and I’s favorite bands to see. We actually went to this same concert on one of our first dates.

7. Traverse City, Michigan

I’ve said it before, but Traverse City is one of my favorite places in Michigan. It’s even better during the summer! I worked at a Young Life camp every summer in college, and this is where we would always go on our days off to eat at restaurants, lay on the beach and go shopping. My family also vacations here every summer, and I can’t wait to go back.

8. Surfing the Sand Dunes in Colorado

So many of my friends have taken the coolest pictures of them “surfing” the sand dunes here in CO. Really though, my balance isn’t that great, but it would be so fun to try!

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Always, Aleesha

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