Essentials for Your Next Party

It’s Monday! Over the weekend, Johnny and I had our first get-together at my house for my birthday. I wanted to share with you my prep list of things I like to serve and what we like to do when we’re having a bunch of people over for a fun night.

For this post, I’ll separate it out by food, entertainment, and decorations. Hope you enjoy!



Trader Joe’s Macarons

I am a slave to Trader Joe’s, if you haven’t noticed yet since following my blog. Before any party, I like to buy these macarons. 1. They make me feel bougie. 2. Johnny is obsessed with them. 3. They’re really, really good. I put these on a platter in the middle of my coffee table and they look so cute and fancy!


Trader Joe’s Burrata, Prosciutto & Arugula Flatbread

This is another special party treat I like to grab before I have girlfriends over to hang out or small get-togethers. I cut this up into bite-size pieces, and it’s always devoured fast.


Chick-fil-a Nuggets Platter

This is my ultimate favorite, especially when we’re having a larger crowd over. Who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? You can buy a huge thing of Chickfila nuggets and it will come with serving spoons and everything! It’s a real crowd pleaser, and if we’re being real…I could eat the whole thing myself.


Decorations sound fancy, but what I think I’m trying to say is mood-enhancers (???) for your party. haha


Trader Joe’s Fresh Flowers

I always buy at least three boquets of fresh flowers to put around the house. Because I’m kind of OCD, I like going for simple white flowers (ranunculus are my absolute fave) and a lot of greenery. The colors just match with the rest of the vibe in our apartment. In my opinion, Trader Joe’s has the best selection of fresh flowers.

tealight candles

Target Tealight Candles

I love putting candles everywhere. These little tealight candles make everything more special. Really, all candles make everything feel better. Buy more candles.


Every party needs a great playlist. In my opinion, the perfect playlist is on that will make your friends want to dance or say “oh my gosh, I remember this song!”. If you’re looking for a really good one, I reccomend the Fergalicious (yup) playlist on Spotify. All your favorites from the 2000’s. 🙂



If you have a smaller crowd, and they may not know each other well, we love to play Catchphrase! Split the room into 2 teams and play for at least 30 minutes. It will help the room to get to know each other better, and many laughs will be shared.

Get a puppy. This has just happened to work for us right now. Rosie was the center of attention at our party over the weekend. This is also an excuse for you to get a puppy. You should get one. 🙂

Alex & Ani Bracelets | Shoes | Jacket | Pearl Choker Necklace

I also want to say thank you to Pink Pencil Skirt Boutique for this adorable red jumpsuit! It’s so comfortable on and the material is amazing. Check out their website for even more beautiful clothing!

Hope these fun party tips help you out with your next house party!

Always, Aleesha

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