Wedding Dress Shopping–How to Find the Right Dress

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Hello friends! This is for all you ladies that are currently dress shopping for your wedding! Today I wanted to talk with you and share my tips for finding your perfect wedding dress. Maybe I should turn this into a thing?! Wedding Wednesday!

I want to tell you a few things I learned from being a bride and I interviewed a bridal consultant from Blue Bridal Boutique in Denver. Hope you enjoy!


If you are like me, you probably already had an idea of what you wanted your wedding dress to look like before you even met your future spouse. If you haven’t, I’d recommend that you start looking through Pinterest at different bridal gowns. Don’t just pick dresses that all look the same though, try to find some that are different fits, shades of white and tops to see what you like best. You don’t want to try on one type of dress that you though you’d like, but then find out it just doesn’t look good on your body type. Be open to suggestions, but you’ll be greatly helping your bridal consultant if you can give her some pictures with a few ideas of what you’re looking for.


Talk about a budget and figure it out as soon as possible. You really shouldn’t go into a shop without a budget, because you may end up loving a dress that you can’t afford. It’s the cardinal rule on Say Yes to The Dress, stick to the budget. Your bridal consultant wants to help you find the dress of your dreams, and she will help you find dresses in your dollar range.

Try on Different Dresses

Picking back up on that idea of trying different styles of dresses–it is so important! My wedding was in October in Michigan, and I was so sure that I wanted a long, champagne dress with sleeves. If you saw the picture in this post, that is definitely not what I walked out of the store with. Instead, I found a blush, strapless dress with a ruffle bottom. I wouldn’t have even tried it on if I hadn’t walked into my appointment with an open mind. I’m so grateful that I did.

Pick a Small Group

Your dress fitting is not the time to invite all of your family, friends, neighbors and close relatives. Try to keep the group that you’re bringing to the fitting small, like 3-4 people. Make sure the people you’re bringing are also going to be helpful, and not hurtful, when looking at dresses. Too many people in one room means that there are too many opinions. Try on dresses that you like. The decision is ultimately yours, and you’ll know when you’ll have the feeling of “this is the one”.


Now is not the time for your hot pink, zebra print undies. You’re not trying on a prom dress–it’s your wedding! Bring the undergarments that you think you’re going to wear on the wedding day. Ultimately, your bridal consultant wants you to wear what you are going to feel most comfortable in–so if it’s spanx and a strapless bra, then so it is. Lean towards white or nude fabrics.

After You Find the Dress

Stop looking at Pinterest. I mean it.  You’re always going to find and see dresses that you might think are pretty. If it helps, make the dress appointment at a time where no other dress is an option. You don’t want to get cold feet about your wedding dress and wishing that you had picked something different. This isn’t true for everyone, but you want to stay excited about the wedding dress you picked!

Hope this is helpful, and hope you have a great Wednesday night!

Always, Aleesha

Dress: Maggie Sottero Designs

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