Life Update


Hi friends! Happiest of Mondays to you!

In the craziness of packing, moving and unpacking,  I found the time to write another blog post for you. I have been getting a ton of questions from friends and family on our recent move, and I want to give you all a quick update on what life looks like in the Thomas home. This past month has definitely been a whirlwind!

We moved! Johnny and I packed our items and moved to Denver, CO. Johnny had been looking for a new job, and we got the call that he had got this job he’d been interested in Denver. We have been praying for a long time for a change in our environment, and while we absolutely love Colorado Springs, it felt like it was time for the next thing.


Some of you know that I’m originally from the east side of Michigan. I moved to Colorado a little over 3 years ago for a job. I met Johnny when I moved here and up until a month ago, we lived in a little apartment in Colorado Springs.

In our new home, We are about a 2 minute drive from downtown, and about a 15 minute walk from Coors Field–which has made Johnny very happy. I haven’t spent a lot of time in Denver, besides going to baseball games in the summer or the mall. So, I’m very, very excited to explore our new city. If you have any great recommendations, send them my way!

I was approved to work remotely from my full-time job, which was an incredible blessing. I’ll be driving back and forth every once in a while to COS, but I’m so grateful for the flexibility I’ve been granted.


Moving is absolutely exhausting. The past month has been packing boxes, moving them, unpacking them, and decorating (which is the part that I don’t necessarily mind, haha).

We are now starting to figure out what we’re going to do for church. We attended Rocky Mountain Calvary back in the Springs and adored the teaching there. Johnny and I have already started church shopping–hopefully we will find the perfect place for us quickly! We are ready to get submersed in a new community, and can’t wait to make new friendships.

Johnny and I are so excited for this fresh start. We’ve been married for almost a year and a half, and feel like this is the first thing we’ve really done “on our own”. Most of Johnny’s family lives in COS, my family in Michigan, and now we feel like we’re both in a new place to call our very own.


Obviously–I CANNOT wait to decorate our new apartment! It’s slowly coming together, but I can’t wait to share updates with you and reveal the final product. My Pinterest boards are getting some hefty use!

Another thing we are excited about is that we have been wanting to get a puppy since forever. Our last apartment didn’t allow for dogs, but now we can have one! I think Johnny wants to get a little more settled in, but I am SO READY! If you saw on Instagram last night, we just put a deposit down on a little fur baby! We’re hoping for a girl! She’ll come home with us at the end of April, so get ready!

We have a lot of travel coming up in the next few months. My brother is graduating from high school and we have weddings all over the country to attend. We’re also going to be in Florida in less than a month. This is an annual trip with my family, and I haven’t seen them since Thanksgiving!


Again, thank you for your messages with well wishes! We are excited for this new chapter in our life. I’ll be keeping you in the loop with more  life updates soon!

Always, Aleesha

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Levi’s (This jacket is super old, but here’s a similar one!)

Top: Luxe High-Neck Swing Tank for Women — Old Navy

Jeans: Distressed Rockstar Jeggings – Old Navy

Shoes: Target (can’t find them online, here’s a similar pair!)

Hat: SUPER OLD–No idea where it’s from, but here’s a similar hat!





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