My Mom and I’s Favorite Hair Products and Healthy Hair Tips


“Maybe Monday doesn’t like you either”.

HAHAHA I needed to hear that this morning, because it’s SO TRUE.

Anyways, I’m sharing all of my healthy hair tips and tricks. I posted a photo last Tuesday to Instagram and I got so many comments asking to do a hair tutorial or to share my favorite products. Your questions are answered.

I’m hoping to do some sort of a hair tutorial soon! What kind of hairstyles interest you? Braids? Curls? Send me a message!

Some of you may know this, but my mom is a hairdresser. So, yes, I literally had someone to do my hair every morning during high school. I seriously took it for granted because now there is nothing I hate more than blow-drying my own hair. \


I thought there was no one better to bring into this conversation than my mom, Jen! She’s absolutely fabulous and she is the reason why I love big hair, cheetah print and 80’s hair bands. We’ll be together again in about a month and a half when we’re on vacation in Florida–so you will definitely get a proper introduction then!

Today, my mom and I are going to share some of our favorite hair products and why. She’s going to be sharing a few professional (and some generic, too!) hair products that she uses on me and her clients.  We’re also going to give you a few tips for how to keep your hair healthy and long.

Hair Products



shimmer lights

My mom’s favorite shampoo she uses is Shimmer Lights by Clairol. This is specifically for her bleach blonde customers. “Use this shampoo to get rid of gold tones, occasionally,” says Jen. “You don’t want to use this every day–it will turn your hair purple!”


This will make you and your wallet happy. “My favorite shampoo and conditioner that I recommend to my clients is actually not a professional product. I love Aussie Moist Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle,” advises Mom. “I have thicker hair myself, and I feel like it does the best job to untangle my hair.”

Leave-in Conditioner

super skinny

Jen says she gives this a 10/10. Our favorite leave-in conditioner is the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. I especially love to use this conditioner when I am going to straighten or curl my hair the next day. It cuts down on frizz and helps to comb my hair out easier while wet.

For Natural Curls/Waves

My Mom and I both have naturally wavy hair. When we aren’t in the mood to straighten or curl our hair, we use these products to give our hair a rest from the heat and go for a more natural/mermaid-vibe look. First, we use Paul Mitchell Scultpting Foam and work that through from the scalp to the ends of our hair. This gives you a lot more volume. Then, we use Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt, which is a styling glaze, on wet hair and scrunch with our hands or a towel while blow drying. This just helps to hold the curl and define. While drying, we also like to use Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine hairspray to finish the look.



The best hairspray of ALL TIME (in our opinion). “On my clients, especially when I’m doing formal updos, I love to use Redken Forceful 23 Hairspay,”says Jen. “It’s in an aerosol can, so the product is really light and fast drying.” I have my mom send me this hairspray in the mail as much as possible.


Healthy Hair Tips from Jen

Straight from her mouth.

  • Get hair trims often. The ends of your hair can break from the products you use. Use a heat protector when straightening or curling your hair. Air dry as much as possible.
  • Healthy hair starts from a healthy scalp. Find any scalp treatment for dryness to try on yourself.
  • Eat healthy–lots of protein and drink tons of water!
  • Deep condition weekly for hydration.
  • Hot showers are nice, but lukewarm water is always a better choice while washing your hair.
  • If you’re looking for extra shine, try cool rinsing your hair after conditioning.

Please send a message or DM if you have any further questions! I hope that you have an amazing week!

Thanks, Mom, for helping with this post!

Always, Aleesha


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