ipsy–January 2018 Review

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Happy happy Monday! If you’re already missing the weekend like I am, this review may cheer you up!

I did a poll on my Insta-stories last Thursday about doing a subscription box review. Surprisingly, a lot of my followers either don’t know what ipsy is or just don’t have it. My good friend told me a couple beauty box subscriptions that I should subscribe to about 4 months ago, and I have been hooked ever since. I love getting packages in the mail, so I always get excited when my ipsy package shows up! 🙂

For those who are clueless, ipsy is a monthly beauty box subscription. You receive 5 sample-sized items that could be anything from makeup to skin care to hair products. If you’re lucky that month, they even throw in an extra sample or I once received an eye-lash curler at no extra charge.

When you register to receive ipsy packages, you will fill out a beauty profile which will let ipsy know your skin tone, hair-care needs, and personal makeup style. This ensures that the boxes you’re getting each month includes items that you’re actually interested in using.

The other thing I love about this subscription is that it’s only $10 a month. I sincerely love every product I’ve got from them, and the fact that everything is sample-size is great for me. Johnny and I travel often, so I appreciate when I get something like dry shampoo or travel size lotions to take on my trips. Sometimes, they even send you full-sized items! I got a huge mascara last month that I am now completely obsessed with.

I really like ipsy because they send me products I normally wouldn’t buy for myself, so it feels like a special treat when I get a few samples. They also send you a card inside the bag that tells you how to use each item correctly.

I want to show you what I found in my January ‘glam bag’. Oh! That’s another perk. You get a cute little makeup bag each month! I use them when I’m traveling or throw them in my purse to *try* and be more organized.

fileAsset (5)

First off,  it came in this super cute athletic-inspired makeup bag. The colors give off so many 80’s vibes. It’s perfect to throw in a gym bag. When you ever go to the gym, you know?

fileAsset (4)

The first item I pulled out was this Cake by Cake Beauty Heavy Cream Intensive Body Balm. Holy. Crap. I live in Colorado where my skin always feels dry. I threw this in my purse and have been using it after I wash my hands and it’s incredible. My cuticles get especially dry and crack during the winter, so this definitely has aided that problem. It smells good too, so that’s a plus.

fileAsset (3)

Then, I got this dark-pinky-burgundy colored nail polish by VOID Beauty. If this is something you’re concerned about when looking at beauty products, it’s cruelty-free, vegan, and no harsh chemicals are used to make it. I personally love the color and painted my toes with it the next day.

fileAsset (2)

Next, I got a mud mask from Purlisse Beauty. I didn’t know how much I loved mud masks, peels or exfoliant until I started getting them through ipsy. I use them on my Diva Days and feel like a total princess. This one was great! All masks kinda start to feel the same–I think–but I enjoyed this one!

fileAsset (1)

This was my favorite from the 5. I love liquid lipsticks, and I can easily just find one color that I like and then never try anything new. ipsy has definitely helped me step outside of my usual dark nudes and purples. They sent me this liquid lippie from Kokie Cosmetics in the shade Desire. I usually don’t love pinks, but this one will be cute for spring!


Last, I received this highlighter called Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm Cosmetics. I love a good highlight, and can’t get enough of it on my cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, eyebrow bone, chin, neckline…I put it everywhere. This one is not exceptionally different from any other I’ve tried, but it works and that’s good enough for me! 🙂

The best part about ipsy is that if you really love something and are finished with your sample, you can buy full size items directly from their site.


While I loved these products above, I also wanted to share with you a few items that I ADORE from past ipsy bags.

fileAsset (6)

This was that mascara I was telling you about earlier and ohhhh myyyy goshhh do I love it. They sent it in a full size as well! I literally think I’ve found the mascara I want to use every day for the rest of forever. It’s the I ❤ Extreme Crazy Volume mascara from essence. I also found out it’s only $4.99 at Ulta, and it is such a steal. I. Love. It. So. Much.

fileAsset (7)

This bronzer is perfect and threw me way back to the 90’s with the Lisa Frank packaging! I got this sample size back in October and have used it everyday, and I still have enough to last me a little while longer. It’s made by Glamour Dolls, and has become my new favorite bronzer.

fileAsset (8)

Last, but certainly not least, I fell in love with this Hydrating Coconut Oil from Marc Anthony. I put a dime-size amount in my palm and just put it on the ends after curling or straightening my hair and it makes it smell like I’m sitting on a beach. Who doesn’t love that?

I hope you liked this review of ipsy! If you’re interested in subscribing to ipsy, use this referral link when signing up! Check my Insta-stories today to see my try-on of some of these beauty products in person!

Always, Aleesha

*This blog post is not sponsored by ipsy. Product photos courtesy of ipsy.






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