SHEIN–My Experience & GIVEAWAY!


I know what you’re thinking as you’re scrolling the pages of SheIn.

“Wow, I love that sweater. It’s only $9! There’s no way. It’s too good to be true. The package will come all the way from China–it will take forever to get here. Is the quality even going to be great? The reviews look weird. Maybe I’ll watch a YouTube haul video. Hm…it looks like it’s a hit or miss. Not doing it…ugh, but it’s so cute!”

Been there.

Well listen, I bit the bullet and took one for the team. I want to give you a rundown of my experience with SheIn including my thoughts on the brand and the quality of the clothing I got. I’ll be showing you one of the shirts I bought from them today, and then you will see other items I purchased in upcoming blogs. SPOILER ALERT: I really liked it. Let’s get started.


Haven’t heard of SheIn? Let me break it down for you. SheIn is a website with clothes and other accessories at insane discounts. Like, $8 blouses and $20 jackets for example. They’re always advertising $0.99 and up sales. It’s crazy.

SheIn ships all of their clothes from China so be aware of that before ordering. It’s going to take longer than usual to get your purchases. I made the mistake of ordering over $150 worth of items on December 12th, just a few weeks before Christmas. My order didn’t arrive at my doorstep until December 26th–just to give you an idea.

I decided to just go for it one day. Disclaimer about me: I sometimes just go shopping for cheap stuff because I get tired of clothes and don’t wear them once I do. That’s just me, and I realize not everyone is like that. For me, buying 16 items (clothing + jewelry) for $150 seemed like a win. My shopping cart filled up quickly and I was ready to make the purchase.


Let’s talk about shipping again real quick. So, SheIn offers regular shipping and EXPRESS shipping. Sometimes they always give free shipping, but I recommend always selecting EXPRESS SHIPPING. I can’t imagine how long my order would have took if I didn’t have that option. Also, if you buy $100 worth of items, they’ll give you the EXPRESS shipping free–definitely worth your time.

When I opened the package, every item was in it’s own plastic bag. If I’m being honest, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. Every item was decently made and the quality wasn’t all that bad. I think what helped is that I went into the whole process with LOW expectations. If something didn’t work, it was under $10 and who cares right?

The ONE thing that I was disappointed with was a pair of earrings that broke immediately when I was taking them out of the package, lol. But, I managed to fix them and I wore them for awhile until I lost one of the earrings HAHA. That’s just my luck…no shade towards SheIn for that.


If you want my opinion, buy the dang sweater and maybe a few extra items to try and get the EXPRESS shipping. As long as you’re going in with low expectations, you’ll be impressed with your purchase. Would I say the items I bought will be in my closet forever? Some of them. Others, I know won’t last for more than a season. Knowing that I paid under $10 for something makes me feel better about that too.

Thanks for reading my SheIn experience! If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or leave me a DM on Instagram.


Speaking of Instagram–I’m doing a giveaway of the shirt I’m wearing in these photos! I accidentally ordered 2 (hahaha, so typical) so I want to give it to a good home. It’s still in the package and I’m excited to give it to one lucky person. Go to my Instagram (@aleeshathomasblog) for giveaway rules and information.

Have a great Thursday!

Always, Aleesha

Outfit Details:

Top: SHEIN Flower Print Keyhole Back Curved Hem Blouse

Jeans: Mid-Rise Super Skinny Rockstar Jeans – Old Navy

Shoes: Breckelles Women’s HEATHER-34 Faux Suede Chunky Heel Ankle Booties – Amazon

*This post is in no way sponsored by SHEIN. All thoughts are my own.

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